Jeremiah Camara's Enlightening Words

Delve into a curated collection of quotes reflecting over thirty years of Jeremiah's critical insights on religion and its societal impacts.

“Religion is the gateway to gullibility.”

“If my wife cheated on me… I don’t know… I just may forgive her. But if she gave a preacher my money… I’m gone!”

“By all measurements, it is impossible to distinguish between religion and superstition.”

“Does the bible have some good stuff in it? Absolutely…but so does every book ever written.”

“The book of Genesis is a biological, geological and cosmological train wreck.”

“There’s a thin line between believing in supreme beings and believing in supreme human beings.”

“We willingly and naively give the church our two most valuable commodities… time and money.”

“We are the stuff of stardust! Whenever you seek a so-called “higher power” you instantly disconnect yourself from what you really are.”

“So you say the bible was written by Black people? Does it make the stories within it any less absurd?”

“Jesus, as the story states, essentially had a bad weekend. But your ancestors had bad lives!  But you show more appreciation for “Jesus?”

“For Blacks to say that the character named Jesus was Black is not only embarrassing but it’s insulting. You can dip him in chocolate all you want but you’re still on the bottom rungs of society.”

“What can a Christian do that an atheist can’t? Where can a Christian go that an atheist can’t? What can a Christian achieve that an atheist can’t?What exactly, are the benefits of believing? What are the advantages and noticeable exemptions that Christians have that nonbelievers don’t have? I rest my case.”

“If this god called preachers to preach then why do they  ask people for money? If preachers were called then this god should’ve provided them with all they needed.”

“The jails and the hospitals are not filled with atheists.”

“Religion is the world’s great distraction.”

“Black’s relationship with religion is like two songs. The first song is… THE GREAT PRETENDER. We’re going to keep pretending… despite the fact that we’re on the bottom, that there’s a god somewhere in the sky that’s looking out for our best interest. But we hold on to this belief because of the second song; and that’s NEITHER ONE OF US… wants to be the first to say goodbye.”

“If you were the only one who believed in a person who was born of a virgin, walked on water, died and then came back to life; you would check yourself into a mental institution. But because your insanity is shared by so many, it’s acceptable.”

“You know you’re being conned when they tell you that what you believe is greater than what you do.”

“The Black church, especially in modern times is essentially the ARC…. Anti Rebellion Center.”

“Anyone that says the god of the bible is good… has obviously never read the bible.”

“If we ever see this jealous, maniacal, narcissistic, sociopathic and serial killing god of the bible, we have a moral obligation to try him on all charges.”

“Blacks are more interested in being biblically literate than being financially literate.”

“Fear is the grease that keeps the wheels of Christianity spinning.”

“The bible is not responsible for morality. Morality is a product of a brain that’s functioning normally.”

“If the bible was written by women, we would be saying “goddess” instead of “god.”

“The first thing that Blacks must do in order to establish some degree of sovereignty is to give the White man his god back.”

“It is impossible to have “a Jesus experience” if you’ve never heard of a character named Jesus.”

“Black Christians are simply characters in the wrong movie.”

“If you claim that an all-knowing god regularly talks to you, then you should be a whole lot smarter than you are.”

“A Black Christian is a poor imitation of his or her oppressor.”

“Christianity and Blacks don’t go together. In Africa it’s about the village… in Christianity it’s about a personal relationship with this god.”

“Universal laws are much more accurate and effective than biblical laws. If we all jumped off a tall building, regardless of our beliefs,  gravity will have the last laugh.”

“You want to know what death feels like? If you were born in 1963… death feels like everything before that date.”

“Why thank a god before you eat your meal? Thank the farmer and the one who prepared it for you.”

“I refuse to cheat the life I have now by occupying any of my time with where I’m going when I die.”

“If you want to know why a person is unhealthy, follow them to the grocery store. If you want to know a person is delusional, follow them to church.”

“Colonization, enslavement, segregation, discrimination, incarceration etc. How’s prayer working for you?”

“Death is only felt by the survivors. You cannot experience non-existence.”

“When you hit Abraham in the head, Christianity, Judaism and Islam crumble to pieces.”

“Bury Jesus and resurrect!”

“If you try to recruit me to Jesus, my first reply will be…What’s wrong with me?”

“Embracing a belief that was forced upon you is a product of a brain that has been altered.”

“If there are many mansions in this so-called heaven, why does this god need your money all the time?”

“Islamic vs Christian wars have killed countless people. It’s always Allah vs God. Why don’t the two gods just duke it out instead of the people fighting?”

“Why would you advise a woman to leave a man she’s fearful of but not leave a god she’s taught to….fear?”

“So often people say they’re going to pray for me but it’s very obvious that their prayers are not working for themselves.”

If your god cares about your team winning, then your god has his priorities all screwed up.”

“CHURCH is an acronym for Controlling Humanity Under Roman Catholic Hierarchy.”

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