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Frequently asked questions about our web design services

How can I invite Jeremiah to speak at my event?

To invite Jeremiah to speak at your event, please provide the event details, including date, location, and audience, via our contact form or by email. We will review your request and get back to you promptly to discuss availability and fees.

Where can I purchase Jeremiah’s books and films?

Jeremiah's books and films are available for purchase online through major retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also find his documentaries on platforms like Amazon Prime Video. Check this website's Shop pages for more buying options.

Does Jeremiah offer virtual speaking engagements or webinars?

Yes, Jeremiah is available for virtual speaking engagements and webinars. Please contact us with your event details, including the virtual platform you plan to use, and we will arrange a meeting that suits your needs.

Can I interview Jeremiah for my podcast, radio show, or publication?

Jeremiah is open to interviews for podcasts, radio shows, and publications. Please send us your request with the interview format, topic, and potential dates. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible to accommodate your scheduling needs.

How can I collaborate with Jeremiah on a project?

If you're interested in collaborating with Jeremiah on a project, we'd love to hear more about your idea. Please outline your project proposal and how you envision Jeremiah's involvement. Email us the details, and let’s explore the potential for collaboration.

How can I get permissions to use content from Jeremiah’s books or films?

To request permissions to use content from Jeremiah's books or films, please send us detailed information about the content you wish to use and how it will be utilized. We handle each request on a case-by-case basis to ensure it aligns with Jeremiah's mission and copyright requirements.

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